Steve Melia

6pm, Thursday 25 June 2015, J Gottmann Room, SoGE, Oxford

'Urban Transport Without the Hot Air' by Steve Melia

Everyone is a transport user, and most of us live in towns or cities, but how much of what we take for granted about transport is true? This book begins with ten questions, revealing some of the myths that have influenced politicians and transport planners as well as the general public. Are governments trying to 'get us out of our cars'? Is better public transport the solution to congestion in cities? Does Britain have a shortage of family housing? Some of the conclusions are surprising: improvements to roads or public transport make little difference to urban congestion and if we want to make our transport more sustainable we must save green fields and house more people in our cities.

You can read more about the book and hear author Steve Melia talk about it on his website.

The event was chaired by Prof David Banister and was followed by a wine reception and book signing.