3-4 May 2018 | St Luke's Chapel, Oxford

INTALInC meeting at Oxford, in St Luke's Chapel

In early May the TSU hosted an Early Career Researcher Workshop and Dissemination Event for the International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low Income Communities (INTALInC) programme.

The events were attended by more than 50 delegates from Ghana, Bangladesh, Nigeria and the United Kingdom, and provided an opportunity to discuss INTALInC project findings with early career researchers and policy makers.

The second day Dissemination Event included presentations of INTALInC case studies undertaken with primary partners in Cape Coast, Lagos, Dhaka, and Kampala as well across the wider network in Cape Town and Manila.

TSU Director Tim Schwanen wrapped up the second day of talks, reflecting on the broader structural issues affected by transport and mobility, and INTALInC's success in ensuring that policy makers and planners hear voices with a 'different' perspective.

"This is empowering. There is a lot more that can be done."

Dr Tim Schwanen, TSU Director

Further information

INTALInC brings together primary partners from 20 institutions across the UK, mainland Europe, Africa, East Asia and Latin America with a specific focus on finding innovative ways to address the mobility needs of the most vulnerable populations in the network's four partnering countries. The project is jointly funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and Department for International Development, under the ESRC Global Challenges Research Fund.