Nina Teng was a panelist on Nina Teng was a panelist on

On 17 October, Nina Teng was a panelist on "Disruption and Change in Public Transport" at the Land Public Transport Symposium: Public Transport-Transforming the Nation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is hosted by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), the government regulatory agency on land transport. Nina spoke about how Grab's ridesharing technology is a solution for the Malaysian government's newly launched Taxi Industry Transformation Programme to improve taxi service and level the playing field between taxis and private hire car services like GrabCar. We also spoke about how Grab's technology and service has improved the perception of safety and drivers' livelihoods in Malaysia; and the free sharing of Grab's traffic data with the government through OpenTraffic, an exclusive partnership with the World Bank in ASEAN, to combat traffic congestion and improve road safety.

Nina Teng will also be a panelist in the Closing Plenary at the World Economic Forum on the Mekong Region, to be held on 25 October in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Forum is committed to creating a framework for mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which has brought about unprecedented change driven by technological shifts.