ICE transport front cover

The paper Transport poverty and its adverse social consequences; that Dr Ersilia Verlinghieri co-authored with Prof. Karen Lucas, Dr. Giulio Mattioli and Alvaro Guzman has been awarded with the Webb Prize (best paper on non- road transport engineering) by the ICE Publishing.

Each year, ICE Publishing acknowledges the best work published in their journals at the ICE Publishing Awards ceremony, held at One Great George Street in London, UK. Transport poverty and its adverse social consequences was judged to be of "exceptional quality and benefit to the civil engineering, construction and materials science community".

Verlinghieri's winning paper provides an overview of the various ways in which transport poverty has been conceptualised within the available literature, and offers newly devised definitions. These definitions are used to discuss how transport poverty might be measured, illustrating how different methodological approaches might be required, depending on the nature of the problem. The paper stresses also how current approaches to transport poverty still suffer of inadequacy, fragmentation, inconsistency and tokenistic treatment of an issue that potentially affects anywhere between 10 to 90% of all households, depending on which definition is used and which country is being considered. This suggests that it is a far greater problem than the transport profession has previously been prepared to recognise and one that requires its urgent attention given the continuing trends for mass migration, urbanisation and wealth concentration within and between the 'global north' and 'global south'.