Photo by Ersilia Velinghieri

Photos by Ersilia Verlinghieri of the informal settlement of Makoko

The TSU's Ersilia Verlinghieri participated in the third workshop of the International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low Income Communities (INTALInC) project at the end of October.

Held in Lagos, Nigeria, the workshop focused on 'Transport and Mobilities: Meeting the needs of informal settlement and slum dwellers in Nigeria'. Over 40 delegates representing industry, NGOs and universities in at least 5 different countries visited the informal settlement of Makoko (pictured) and discussed the health, wellbeing and mobilities challenges faced by informal settlement dwellers. Workshop participants then explored current and possible policies and interventions to support them.

INTALInC events provide opportunities for UK academics with experience of inclusive transport system design, to meet with academics and non-academics in other worldwide cities. By exchanging ideas and knowledge, it is hoped that new solutions might be sought for the daily mobility challenges that low income communities around the world experience.

The workshop was funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and co-organised by Lagos State University and University College, London. The next INTALInC workshop will be held in Uganda next January.

Photo by Ersilia Velinghieri