Evacuation signs by marchello74/adobestock

Wired reports on research published in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction by John Renne, which compares the evacuation planning for vulnerable populations in the UK and US.

For his paper, entitled 'Emergency evacuation planning policy for carless and vulnerable populations in the United States and United Kingdom', Renne interviewed emergency managers in the UK and in five major American cities.

Speaking to Wired he explained that evacuating vulnerable populations without access to their own transportation, provides a challenge that local-authorities do not feel well equipped to deal with: "It's not something you can do on a moment's notice. These sorts of things take time."

This research was part of a collaboration between the Transport Studies Unit (University of Oxford), where Renne is a Visiting Research Associate, and the Centre for Urban and Environmental Solutions (Florida Atlantic University), where he holds the position of Director.