TSU researchers presenting at the 2nd Energy Research and Social Science conference

From the 28 to 31 May, the 2nd Energy Research and Social Science conference took place at the Arizona State University (ASU) in Phoenix, Arizona.

In a place where you take your jacket off when you go outside, solar panels are used to offer shade (ASU has 24.1 MW total solar generation), electric steps help you get around campus, and where you can park your skateboard in specifically designed ‘parking’ racks, TSU was present on two panels with a clear focus on electric mobility and vehicle-to-grid.

In a panel on Nordic Electic Vehicles with Benjamin Sovacool (University of Sussex), Chien-Fei Chen (University of Tennessee), and Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens (Aarhus University), Johannes Kester presented findings from three papers on the ‘Fringes of Electric Mobility’: one on children’s EV awereness and knoweldge, one on EV perceptions and reasoning from Nordic focus groups, and one on rural-urban aspects of EV uptake. With his talk he called for scholars working on electric mobility to be aware of self-reinforcing tendencies when scholars repeat the concerns of consumers as their findings, which then are taken up by media and consumers as evidence for these concerns.

The other panel was focussed on Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G), with contributions from TSU’s Toon Meelen, Mart van de Kam (Eindhoven University) and Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens (Aarhus University) and chaired by Johannes. Toon’s work highlighted how one of the main envisioned business cases of V2G, namely as part of vehicle fleet operations, is not as obvious as it seems. The wide variety of fleet types and especially the drastic and fast changes that are currently occuring within fleet operations due to changing ownership structures and use cases, all challenge the use and business case of V2G.