The TSU's Gordon Stokes and Sam Hampton have consulted Oxford Friends of the Earth on sustainable transport and energy science, for their 'Fast Forward Oxfordshire' report. The publication sets out a vision of sustainable Net Zero Oxfordshire in 2040, and supports this with policy recommendations and examples of sustainable intiatives already happening around the world.

OxFoE Fast Forward front cover

A response to the climate emergency challenge, 'Fast Forward Oxfordshire: a zero carbon Oxfordshire in 2040 and how we get there' focuses on six themes; Homes and settlements, Transport, Work, Energy, Food and Nature.

Gordon and Sam were one of a team of six academic advisors supporting the project.

Oxford Friends of the Earth commented, "[We] are very grateful to our skilled advisors – both those who gave their time to help write sections of this document, and those who joined the project group that turned an idea into this report."

"The aim of the booklet is not to provide answers to all the issues but to encourage positive discussion about how best to achieve a zero carbon future," explains Gordon, whose contributions were adapted for the 'Fast Forward' document.

The report recognises that our society needs to change to create a safer, fairer and healthier future for Oxfordshire. The transport and energy policy goals, which Sam and Gordon contributed to, are set out below:

Transport policy goals

"We need a transport system that works for everyone – that delivers better public health, a zero carbon economy and fair access to services for both urban and rural communities."

Energy policy goals

"A clean fossil-free energy system will be an essential part of the transition to a zerocarbon economy. Some progress has been made in recent years, but faster action is needed. Fossil fuel power generation should be phased out by 2030."

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