Dr David Bonilla
  • Honorary Research Associate


David Bonilla is a Honorary research associate at the TSU, University of Oxford. He is also a Research professor at the Institute of Economic Research, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) based in Mexico City. He did his first degree (economics) at London Guildhall University, London, UK, his MSc (in Economics) at Queen Mary College, University of London, (supervisor: Prof. V. Bulmer-Thomas) and his PhD (Japan's energy policy) at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Previous academic posts include University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit, Cambridge University (Faculty of Economics; Department of Land Economy) and The Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, the Japan Institute of Energy Economics in Tokyo. In the past he was also awarded Junior Research Fellowship at St Anne's College, Oxford University. David is interested in the interaction of several disciplines: economics, engineering and political issues affecting energy and environment. He is particularly interested in developing methodology for energy scenarios, transport scenarios, forecasting and scenario analysis of energy technologies (vehicle and freight markets) as well as on energy policy assessment and design. David has been involved in the Oxford Scenarios Program at Saïd Business School(reviewer and participant). Along with Prof David Banister, David co-organised in 2012 the UTSG Annual Conference in Transport held at Oxford, one of the largest transport research hubs in the UK.

In the past he has won competitive fellowships from the European Commission and from the Japanese Government to carry out studies in energy and environment.


Dr Bonilla's current research includes: urban freight transport and resource limits, the effectiveness of carbon taxes, air quality and fuel economy standards as well as rational energy policy for transport.

In the past he has researched 1) the Adoption of Bio-fuels in UK transport; market analysis of New Car Fuel Economy Models (Japan, UK); 2) the demand for Freight transport; Gasoline Demand Forecasting (Japan/ UK); Demand for Alternative Fuels/ Vehicle; and Modelling technological change affecting energy supply and demand.

His research interests include: energy policy for Transport (energy demand models); demand for alternative fuel vehicles; distributed generation and low CO2 technologies; Asia pacific energy issues; EU energy policy; and global climate change policy.

In the past he was attached to the Oxford Martin School as a Fellow: 2008-2015.

Recent research projects

  • Oxford Martin Programme for Resource Stewardship (OMPORS) (2012-15)
    Project funded by the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University. David led the work on energy economics, climate mitigation policy and heterodox macroeconomics. David Bonilla was the principal investigator of the workstream "resource economics". He was instrumental in project origination, proposal writing and has collaborated with the Oxford Martin School in several fields.
  • Research and Development of the European Transport Network Model
    Transtools Version 3. Transtools III (7th RTD Framework Programme) (Danish Technical University, 2011- 2015) Prof. David Banister and Dr David Bonilla. David Bonilla managed the Work Package (The cross-cutting issues and quality control). The goal of this Project was to improve and develop the existing TRanstools Model to simulate Europe´s transport network and traffic of both the freight and passenger modes.
  • Institute of carbon and energy reduction in transport (ICERT) (2008-2012)
    Project funded by Oxford University, Oxford Martin School. David was the leader of the economic analysis of car markets and of diesel markets in Europe. David collaborated with the Department of Engineering, Oxford University.
  • Logistics and Manufacturing trends and sustainable transport: carbon footprints of products (LOGMAN) (2010-2013)
    Project funded by the European commission DG move-7th Framework Programme. David was the principal investigator at Oxford. (Synthesis and Policy recommendations). Under this project he collaborated with the following : (Transver and University of Munich); (Vienna University of Business and Economics); Progtrans; and the SYKE: Finnish environment Institute. David Bonilla contributed to project's core idea and provided input into the proposal.
  • Vision and Action Plans for European freight transport to 2050 (FREIGHTVISION (2008-11). Grant Agreement no.: 217927.
    David was the leader of work package 7 (Vision and Action Plans). He collaborated with the following partners: (Technical University of Denmark); (Austria tech, Austria); (EGIS, Lyon France), (Finnish Environment Institute); (Progtrans); and with (Vienna University of Business and Economics).
  • The economy wide effects of Air Cargo (2013-2014) Project funded by Chinese Scholarship Council; China's Ministry of Education.
    David has led the econometric model analysis of air cargo demand of China's cities, analysis of historical growth of policy measures affecting airport expansion and regional air cargo trends over time. (Department of International Trade, Hubei University, China).
  • Airline competition in China (2014-2015) Project funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council, China's Ministry of Education.
    David has led the work on data analysis of competition, (Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences).
  • A whole systems approach to analyzing bioenergy demand and supply: mobilizing the long term potential of bioenergy (TSEC BYOSIS) (2007-2009).
    He collaborated with Imperial College of Science and Technology, Center for Energy Policy and Technology. Dr. David Bonilla led the Supply chain analysis, Logistics, GHG of Biomass under theme four of the project.



Journal Articles

Book Chapters

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Conference Papers at National International Events

  • Bonilla, D. (2014) Of efficiency, by efficiency for efficiency: Testing the rebound effect for the transport sector in four large economies. Paper presented at the conference "Third annual conference on transport, trade and service studies". November 17-18, Hong Kong. Center for transport, trade and financial studies. City University of Hong Kong. China.
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  • Bonilla, D. (2012) "Transport and Behaviour" en taller "the Future of cities". Ponencia presentada en el World Economic Forum, Beijing, Tianjin, China. Invited as a speaker to Annual meeting of the new champions. Summer Davos in Asia. Presentation.
  • Bonilla, D. (2011) The role of diesel for fuel economy in the UK. Articulo presentado en "EU sustainability week: Energy efficiency its contribution to sustainable mobility". Invited talk by the Spanish Transport authorities and REPSOL (Spain's leading oil and gas company) /European Commission. April 14th, 2011, Madrid Spain.
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