Dr Denver Nixon
  • Research Associate in Transport and Mobilities


Denver joined the Transport Studies Unit as a Research Associate in November 2015. Prior to this he was a 12-month Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of the Fraser Valley, and a planning consultant. Denver holds a BSc double major in Geography and Sociology with distinction (University of Victoria), a Master of Environmental Studies (York University), a Master of Library and Information Science (University of Western Ontario), and a PhD in Geography (University of Western Ontario). This postgraduate work was supported in part by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, the School of Population and Public Health at UBC, the Chinese Scholarship Council, and Sichuan University. Denver has also worked for various levels of government in different capacities.

Current Research

Denver's broadest research interest is in the relationship between practices and habits, technological mediation, and embodied knowledge, particularly as it concerns environmental sustainability and justice. He has a substantive interest in transportation and mobilities.

At TSU Denver is working with Dr Tim Schwanen on the ESRC funded Designing and Policy Implementation for Encouraging Cycling and Walking Trips (DEPICT) project. He will research grassroots innovations aimed at improving walking and cycling infrastructures in London and São Paulo to critically evaluate their potential contributions to just transitions in urban mobility.

Denver's dissertation research examined how the techno-practices of walking, cycling, and driving mediate commuters' tacit and conveyable understandings of their social and physical environments, and how this knowledge reproduces or challenges (often inequitable) mobility regimes. His other prior projects include an analysis of boundary changes in British Columbia's Agricultural Land Reserve and a comparison of Daoist (Taoist) and Western theories of environmental practice.


Prior to joining the Transport Studies Unit, Denver was a Sessional and 12-month Lecturer in the Environment and Sustainability program in the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia.


Denver has been invited to speak at a number of academic and regional planning public speaker series and conferences. He has also been interviewed by radio and newspaper media as well as special interest magazines.


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • Nixon, D.V. (2010) 附录一:道教无为思想与环境行为学 [Fulu yi: Daojiao wuwei sixiang yu huanjing xingwei xue / Appendix 1: The Study of Daoist Non-Action and Environmental Behaviour]. In, Chen Xia, Chen Yun and Chen Jie (eds.) 道教生态思想研究 [Daojiao shengtai sixiang yanjiu / Studies of Ecological Thoughts in Daoism]. Bashu Publishing House, Chengdu. pp. 511-526.


  • Nixon, D.V. (2015) A Bicycle Built for 360,000: Evidence-Based Research Design Considerations for a Regional Periodic Cycling Preference Survey. Report Prepared for the Capital Regional District, Victoria, BC.