Dr Guibo Sun

Visiting Researcher


Guibo Sun is an Assistant Professor in Department of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Hong Kong, where he also directs the Urban Analytics and Interventions Research Lab (www.ulab.hku.hk), working with his PhD students and Postdoc Fellows on researching large-scale interventions in cities. He received PhD degree in Geoinformation Science from the Inter-Faculty Programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2014). After that, he had four-year postdoc research experience before he joined the University of Hong Kong as an assistant professor (2018-). He was a visiting researcher at Peking University (2023), TU Dortmund (2021 & 2022), University of Cambridge (2014) and Harvard University (2013).

During his semester at TSU, he welcomes contact regarding research opportunities, and he is highly interested in engaging in meaningful academic discussions.

Current Research

Guibo’s research interests lie in the social, economic and health outcomes of large-scale interventions in cities such as new metro lines, large-block gated communities, and urban renewal projects. He specialises in developing natural experiment research designs to estimate the causal effects of such interventions. His work established essential urban data, new methodologies and causal evidence to extend the scientific understanding of the impacts of new transport infrastructure and neighbourhood and street changes, contributing to healthy and sustainable cities in Asia. Part of his research agenda expands to China-contracted transport infrastructure projects in Africa and South Asia (e.g., Ethiopia and Pakistan).

Guibo’s research won the US Lincoln Institute International Fellowship-China Program 2023, the UK’s RTPI Academic Awards for Research Excellence in 2021 and 2019, and HKU Research Output Prize 2021. Moreover, he received Faculty Teaching Award 2022 for his teaching dedication and innovative pedagogy.

Guibo is an associate editor of the Journal of Transport & Health (Elsevier). He served on the Technical Committee of the Buildings Department to revise Design Manual for Hong Kong (2017-2023). In addition, he constructed the three-dimensional pedestrian network of Hong Kong, the first such database in the world to cover a whole city, and made it open access.


Dr Guibo Sun