Dr Julio A. Soria-Lara
  • Marie Curie Research Fellow


Dr Julio A. Soria-Lara is a postdoctoral researcher at the Transport Studies Unit in the School of Geography and Environment at the University of Oxford. Before coming to Oxford he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in transport planning at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands, 2013-2015), as well as an Assistant Professor in Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Zaragoza (Spain, 2012-2013). His PhD thesis (2011, Cum Laude) was completed at the University of Granada (Spain).

Current Research

Julio's research focuses on the connection between transport planning and sustainability. He has recently finished the research project EXPERIENTIAL. Using an experiential approach to develop proactive assessment tools in transport planning. EXPERIENTIAL explored the main process-related barriers affecting to EIA effectiveness of transport planning in the context of Spain, and most innovatively it developed practical solutions to overcome such barriers testing them into planning practice.

At the University of Oxford, Julio will conduct the research project BACK-SCENE: Backcasting scenarios as collaborative learning process - involving stakeholders in transport climate policy. BACK-SCENCE proposes the development of a new approach for designing backcasting scenarios involving multiples perspectives and stakeholders together as a part of strategic transport planning process on climate change mitigation. The empirical focus of the research is on the region of Andalucía (Spain).


Journal Articles


Book Chapters

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Guidelines and Reports

Conference Papers at International Conferences (selection 5 last years)

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