Dr Malek Al-Chalabi
  • Honorary Research Associate


Malek Al-Chalabi is currently a Health, Safety, and Environmental professional at a multinational energy company. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Malek is also an author and educator on energy and energy transitions.

He is particularly interested in historic energy transitions and understanding what lessons can be learned for future energy transitions, facilitating and encouraging change, and understanding future and niche technologies that have the potential to contribute to the future energy landscape.

Having been trained as an engineer and subsequently in the social sciences, his interests cut across the social, economic, and technical domains in the energy space. His interdisciplinary views helps him structure and articulate the challenges associated in the energy space but also convey and illustrate the possible opportunities.

He is currently an Honorary Research Associate at the Transport Studies Unit. He has also been to the Antarctic with legendary polar explorer Sir Rob Swan. He holds a PhD (DPhil) from the University of Oxford, and MSc from Imperial College London, and a BSc from Tufts University.

Current Research

Malek's research interests include the following areas:

  1. Energy transitions and policy: Examining how previous transitions have occurred and what that means for future transitions
  2. Environmental psychology and energy behaviour change: Understanding behaviour change and the implications that it may carry for sustainability
  3. Sustainable cities and future pathways to sustainability: Evaluating how to adapt cities, institutions, and organizations in the 21st century with an interest in future and niche technologies


Malek has contributed to teaching to graduate, post graduate, doctoral, and executive students, including contributing to the following courses or institutions:

  • MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy, University of Oxford
  • MSc in Sustainable Urban Development, University of Oxford
  • FHS Transport Option for Undergraduates in the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford
  • Masterclass, Prince of Wales Foundation, London

Malek has tutored students, co-supervised MSc students, and assessed MSc examinations for the University of Oxford. Students that are interested in co-supervision are welcome to contact him with a research proposal.

Publications and Seminars (since 2015)

Journal Articles

Book Chapters