Dr Marc Dijk
  • Honorary Research Associate


With TSU I seek to develop the concept of upscaling of innovations in the urban context. By combining cases of my research project in Maastricht with cases of TSU's projects we seek to advance the state of the art of urban transition studies.

Marc Dijk (PhD) is also research fellow at Maastricht University (ICIS). His main research interests are innovation and innovation policy, sustainability assessment and socio-technical transitions.

Current Research

Marc is currently principal investigator and project coordinator of SmarterLabs, an action- research project focused on upscaling and social inclusion in urban mobility innovation through Smart City Living Labs in Maastricht, Brussels, Graz and Bellinzona.

He has published various articles and book chapters on innovation in electric mobility, Park+Ride, urban mobility, solar energy and resource efficiency. Together with colleagues, he develops and teaches an integrative approach to sustainability assessment. It combines the understanding of stakeholders (perspectives, practices, etc.) with systems analysis of the issue (Qualitative Systems Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, etc.). More than most innovation approaches, it explicitly combines various types of knowledge within one study, and typically takes a mixed-method approach.

Marc was educated in aerospace engineering at Delft University of Technology for which he wrote his master thesis at the product development department of Jaguar Cars in Coventry, England, where he compared the product development organizations of Jaguar and Volvo Cars (Sweden). After a summer program at the University of California (Berkeley) he completed a master program on Science and Technology Studies at Maastricht University.


Marc is coordinator, lecturer and tutor in two Master-level courses at Maastricht University:

  • Methodologies for Sustainability Assessment
  • Sustainability Assessment Project

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Dijk, M., Wells, P. and Kemp, R. (2016) Will the momentum of the electric car last? Testing an hypothesis on disruptive innovation. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 105: 77-88.
  • Dijk, M. (2015) Electric revenge after 100 years? Comparing car market patterns around 1900 and 2000. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, 16(2): 147-168.
  • Dijk, M., Orsato, R.J. and Kemp, R. (2015) Towards a regime-based typology of market evolution. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 92: 276-289.
  • Dijk, M., Orsato, R.J. and Kemp, R. (2013) The emergence of an electric mobility trajectory. Energy Policy, 52: 135-145.
  • Dijk, M. and Montalvo, C. (2011) Policy frames of Park-and-Ride in Europe. Journal of Transport Geography, 19(6): 1106-1119.

Book Chapters

  • Parkhurst, G., Kemp, R., Dijk, M. and Sherwin, H. (2012) Intermodal personal mobility: A niche caught between two regimes. In, Geels, F., Kemp, R., Lyons, G. and Dudley, G. (eds.) Automobility in Transition? A Socio-Technical Analysis of Sustainable Transport. Routledge, New York.