Dr Si Qiao

Short-term Research Associate


Si is a visiting scholar at the Transport Studies Unit. Her research interest is how the emerging digital turn will revolutionize individual and collective mobility as well as their living, with a special focus on platformization in transport and housing. It is interdisciplinary and draws from multiple fields of transport geography, urban studies, GIS, and computable social science. During her stay at TSU, Si will research emerging urban mobility services and transport justice.

Si is a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the University of Hong Kong and holds degrees in Urban Planning, Geomatics, GIS and Computer Science. Her thesis entitled "Understanding Ride-hailing and Inventing Future Transit", received Postgraduate Dissertation Award from the Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy, and the Outstanding Dissertation Award from Transportation Geography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers.


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Dr Si Qiao