Dr Toon Meelen
  • Research Associate in Innovation and Mobility


Toon joined the Transport Studies Unit in October 2018 as a Research Associate. He works on the Vehicle-to-Grid Oxford (V2GO) and Park and Charge projects. His research broadly concerns transitions to a more sustainable mobility system.

In his PhD dissertation (Utrecht University, 2019), Toon examined the role of users in upscaling sustainable innovations, for the cases of car-sharing and electric vehicles. He holds a bachelor and master degree (cum laude) in Science and Innovation Management from Utrecht University.

Current Research

In the Vehicle-to-Grid Oxford (V2GO) project, Toon mainly studies the implementation of electric vehicles and vehicle-to-Grid in the daily practices of fleet managers. In the Park and Charge project, the idle capacity of car parks is employed to provide households without sufficient parking a place to charge electric vehicles.

Overall, Toon's research can be situated between the fields of Sustainability Transitions and Geography. It blends various theoretical strands and methodologies and centers around the following themes:

  1. The diffusion of sustainable innovations
  2. Synergies and tensions between addressing economic inequalities and environmental problems in mobility transitions
  3. The roles of users in various phases of transitions to sustainability


Prior to joining TSU, Toon has taught on various courses related to innovation and sustainability at Utrecht University. Here he was also involved in the supervision of bachelor and master theses.


In his current research projects Toon collaborates with public and private sector organizations. He has participated in policy workshops at the national and local level in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands (eg on car-sharing and electric vehicle introduction). Toon has written about his research in newspaper articles, on blogs and has spoken about his sharing economy research at a festival.


Journal Articles

Public Engagement