Dr Toon Meelen
  • Research Associate in Innovation and Mobility


Toon joined the Transport Studies Unit in October 2018 on the Vehicle-to-Grid Oxford (V2GO) project.

In his PhD research at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, Toon examines the role of users in upscaling sustainable innovations, for the cases of car-sharing and electric vehicles. He holds a bachelor and master degree (cum laude) in Science and Innovation Management from Utrecht University.

Current Research

Toon has two main research interests:

  1. The upscaling of innovations in socio-technical transitions. Toon wants to understand how large-scale changes in the mobility system occur. Hereto he works on car-sharing and electric vehicles and uses theoretical perspectives from the sustainability transitions and human geography fields.
  2. The role of users in socio-technical transitions. Toon looks at various roles users take up in transitions beyond simply buying an innovation. Here he encounters, amongst others, user-innovators, users who adapt an innovation to their daily practices and users who actively resist innovations.


Prior to joining TSU, Toon was a teaching assistant on multiple courses related to innovation and sustainability at Utrecht University. Here he was also involved in the supervision of bachelor and master theses.


Toon has written about his research in a newspaper and on blogs. He has also spoken about his sharing economy research at a festival.


Journal Articles