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The Transport Studies Unit began recording selected lectures in 2009 and some of these are now available online through iTunesU. You can also view our podcasts through the University of Oxford Podcasts website.

Transport and Mobilities Across the Life Course - TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2017

Urban Mobilities in the Smart City - TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2016

Scalar Politics of Transport - TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2015

Transport Futures: The Role of Digital Technologies in Future Transport Systems, Imperial College Business School, 21 March 2014

Transport Controversies - TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2014

  • High Speed 2: The spatial implications MP3: 117MB / 2:08:16 mins
    Neil Ross, Principal Transport Strategy Officer, Centro, and Henry Overman, Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics, 21 January 2014.
  • London Airports: Meeting demand MP3: 112MB / 2:03:15 mins
    Daniel Moylan, The Mayor of London's adviser on aviation, and Sveinn Gudmundsson, Professor of Strategic Management, Toulouse Business School, 4 February 2014.
  • Transport Infrastructure Investments - Development or Growth? MP3: 104MB / 1:54:21 mins
    John Howe, International Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands, and Marcial Bustinduy-Navas, European Bank for Reconstruction (EBRD), 18 February 2014.
  • The Transport Debate: A new book by Iain Docherty and Jon Shaw MP3: 106MB / 1:56:09 mins
    Iain Docherty, Professor of Public Policy and Governance, University of Glasgow, and Jon Shaw, Professor of Geography, Plymouth University, 4 March 2014.

Transitioning towards Electric Vehicles - TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2013