How can cities thrive and grow economically? This project examines the impact of Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT), a form of public transport infrastructure, on urban economic growth. High quality transport in and around a city centre can help to attract other firms and businesses, provide access to difficult to reach areas, and help to improve the quality of life for city residents and users. These benefits are referred to as 'wider economic impacts' but they have been notoriously difficult to measure. Using an established framework of analysis, this project aims to identify the wider economic impacts, or lack thereof, from BRT in cities across the world. This research will be carried out using a similar framework that has been used successfully to understand the economic impacts of light-rapid transit (LRT) in cities, and will thus enable comparison of these two public transit infrastructures to identify the ways in which BRT is unique and most beneficial to urban economies. This project will examine existing academic and non-academic research literature to identify the wider economic impacts. In doing so, the project provides an essential first step towards a longer-term research project that will examine and develop models to understand why particular places with BRT demonstrate the particular impacts that they do.

Further Information

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