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Commuting by car continues to increase and constitutes one of the main challenges for transport policy in Norway's urban areas in Norway. The project seeks to better understand how the potential for behaviour change away from car use varies between cities and groups in the population. It also examines the acceptance and adoption of different policy measures and incentives to the general public and to different stakeholders in the political process.

These issues are examined against a changing institutional context for transport policy in Norway where responsibilities for strategic policy development and budget allocation have partially been devolved from the national government to authorities at the city-regional level. City-regions are now expected to develop policy packages to stimulate "green" transport that will be financially supported by national government. The project will provide multi-disciplinary insights into commuting patterns and into the effectiveness, acceptability and adoption of measures that can be included in policy packages at the city-regional level.

The project is a co-operation between Norway's Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) and the Institute of Political Science at the University of Oslo who are supported and advised by an international expert group and a network of national and local stakeholders. Tim Schwanen is a member of the expert group and is collaborating with the principal researcher at TØI on selected research activities.


Results will be published as articles in refereed journals and a synthesis report, together with presentations in popular publications, seminars and conferences.

Further Information

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