Expert Assistance in the Area of Transport, Emissions, Environment and Scenario Building

The European Environment Agency (EEA) has commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and Transport Studies Unit (TSU) at Oxford, to provide expert assistance in the area of transport, emissions and the environment within a five year framework programme.

The TSU has worked closely with the European Environment Agency on the TERM report 'Climate for a Transport Change' and 'Success Stories on Reducing the Climate Impacts of Transport'. Work has also been completed for the European Environment Agency on the Drivers of Change, and the current project is developing transport scenarios (with The UK Transport Research Laboratory) with the aim of identifying the key issues surrounding the long term objectives for a sustainable transport system and to see how technologies that might be available in 2050 can contribute to meeting sustainability goals. It is focusing on two situations: one on the city and short distance travel, and the other on long distance and international travel and trade. This work is being run through a series of expert workshops which will examine and consult on different policy packages and pathways for the future.


Major contributions to:

Also a series of presentations at stakeholder meetings in Copenhagen.

Further Information

For more information on this research project please contact Prof. David Banister, Dr Christian Brand or Dr Moshe Givoni.