Everyday Mobilities of Visually Impaired Young People

This research is funded by the John Fell Fund, University of Oxford in collaboration with the Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) and examines the relationship between urban transport and the everyday lives of visually impaired (VI) young people in London. It responds to a lack of in-depth research engaging with how VI young people negotiate and manage their journeys between different transport modes at different moments and how these experiences are more broadly related to other aspects of their everyday lives.

The research uses a self-directed video technique/methodology in order to provide a more holistic understanding of the challenges facing young people as they move around cities and, in doing so, moves beyond a series of pre-defined assumptions about what the barriers to 'independent' mobility actually are. This pilot project has recruited 8 young people (18 - 25 years) with a range of VI levels to be involved in conducting self-directed videos of their everyday journeys. Over the period of a month participants record their everyday transport experiences as a means of reflecting on how their journeys unfold. In-depth follow up interviews have been conducted using the video data as a resource to reflect on these journeys.


  • Development of video methodology as a means of gaining a greater understanding of key issues associated with transport and VI
  • Stakeholder workshop (details to follow)
  • Development of larger funding bid
  • Once data collection is completed findings will be presented in internationally peer review publications and at a series of conference and seminars (details to follow)

Further Information

For more information and output from this research project, please contact Dr Jennie Middleton.