The project aims to establish an International Network for Transport and Accessibility in Low Income Countries (INTALInC). This is an interdisciplinary, collaborative network for the co-production of knowledge between UK and internationally-based academics, policy makers and NGOs working within a broad constituency of transport and development related fields, to support the development of more inclusive transport systems within developing cities in Africa and East Asia. The focus will be on finding innovative ways to address the mobility needs of the most vulnerable populations in the network's four partnering countries: Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda. Using case studies from cities in our partner countries, as well as India, the Philippines and South Africa, INTALInC aims to transform transport systems planning in these locations.

The network will promote active and lasting collaborations between academic, policy and practitioner communities to more effectively encourage the uptake of the policy agenda around inclusive urban transport system. It will also deliver a series of 'research into practice' workshops, events and intermediary webinars to facilitate exchanges between network members. The project is part of the RCUK's Global Challenges Research Fund. More information is available at:


Between January 2017 and June 2018 the project will produce a range of outputs:

  • Six networking events in the UK, Ghana, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Uganda where ideas about the design of inclusive urban transport systems are exchanged and the challenges of everyday mobility in African and Asian cities are explored;
  • A lasting collaborative group of academic and non-academic organisations with a common interest in this area of policy delivery;
  • A comprehensive database of contacts and a web-based network with which we will share workshop materials and newsletters;
  • Between six and eight country-specific, state-of-the-art reports and short policy briefing notes for dissemination across the broader network;
  • Recommendations for future policy research that can be shared within and beyond partner institutions;
  • An edited book with an Open Access publisher accessible by researchers across the Global South.

Further Information

For more information on this research project please contact Dr Tim Schwanen.