INTRA-SIM: Oxfordshire and Swindon

These projects develop an integrated transport decision support and simulation model (INTRA-SIM) of (1) Oxfordshire and (2) Swindon. They assess the likely policy pathways towards sustainable transport to 2030. The model allows multi-criteria analysis, for example consideration of low carbon transport pathways and wider economic and social impacts. The work is being used in the Local Transport Plan (LTP) and Delivering a Sustainable Transport Strategy (DASTs) regional studies.


  • Hickman, R., Ashiru, O. and Banister, D. (2010) Low carbon transport futures and wider multi-criteria impacts. A view from Oxfordshire, UK. WCTR, Lisbon.

Further Information

For more information and output from this research project, please see the VIBAT project website or contact Dr Robin Hickman.