Low-Carbon Mobility Futures

Developed with colleagues in the Smith School for Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford, this research seeks to comprehensively integrate the most up-to-date thinking on mobility and governance regimes and to consider viable potential pathways for a sociotechnical transition to low-carbon mobility. The research initially reviewed ten major themes relating to contemporary mobility practices and their future evolution: environment and climate change; policy and governance; technology; energy and power mix; accessibility and equity; mobility cultures; urbanization; finance and investment; behavioral change; and supply chains. Subsequently, work has concentrated on exploring the interrelationships between these themes - serving to develop a strong theoretical foundation for the exploration of viable 'roadmaps' to a low-carbon mobility future. The emphasis of the LCM project is strongly holistic and illustrates the need for systemic thinking in order to understand contemporary mobility in all its socio-technical complexity.

Further Information

For more information and output from this research project, please contact Dr Moshe Givoni or James Macmillen.