Buses in South Africa

This is a two-year Mid-Career Fellowship Award funded to Dr Karen Lucas by the ESRC. The programme of research is designed to enhance understanding of the use and development of transport models in the social sciences.

She will be mentored in this task by John Bates who is an experienced transport modeller.

Aims and objectives

The core objectives for the fellowship programme are described more fully in the main body of the application form, but in summary they are to:

  • Examine and reflect the value of applying different core socio-theoretical perspectives of transport poverty within the main transport modelling approaches which are currently being used by decision-makers;
  • Offer new insights on how to incorporate the multiple dimensions of transport poverty and the social consequences within transport models;
  • Identify the nature, extent and intensity of transport poverty in relation to different social groups and settlement types through a targeted empirical study;
  • Identify the likely social and distributional impacts of a range of local transport interventions through the operationalisation of hybrid modelled understandings of the interactions between transport poverty and social disadvantage; and
  • Communicate the outcome of these modelled exercises to both the academic community and the national and local decision-makers who have an influence on the supply of public transport within the UK.


  • 4 research papers for publication in different disciplinary journals
  • 2-3 shorter public-facing articles for local practitioner publications
  • 3 international short study exchange visits
  • Application to Leverhulme Trust's International Networks Fund to lead an international network programme

Further Information

For more information on this research project please contact Dr Karen Lucas.