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Funded by the Wellcome Trust, this research will provide evidence for understanding how urban austerity has affected the ways in which care is available to, and practiced by, new parents. This pilot study will deliver a solid grounding for a larger international research programme.

Building new interdisciplinary research at the intersection of human geography and social psychology, the project will make fundamental contributions to advancing understandings of the physical and mental well-being of new parents. The project will develop an approach involving narrative interviews, mobile ethnographic work, in-depth interviews, and discursive analysis with a range of new parents in the city of Oxford, as well as local policy makers, and staff and volunteers at voluntary organisations. This will provide new understandings of care in relation to contemporary urban socio-economic and political landscapes.


  • Development of an innovative methodology for researching and representing the experiences of new parents
  • A two-day knowledge exchange workshop to be held in late 2018
  • The creation of a network of stakeholders, policy makers and researchers in and beyond Oxford as part of the project impact strategy
  • Development of larger funding bid
  • Once data collection is completed findings will be presented in internationally peer review publications and at a series of conference and seminars (details to follow)

Further Information

For more information on this research project please contact Dr Jennie Middleton.