Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport

Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport is a 2-year collaborative project which aims to enhance the research capabilities involved in future city transport planning, in both London and Manila, utilising the latest scientific research in practice. The project is developing pathways for much greater resilience in transport systems in London and Manila and the surrounding regions and through the establishment of a Joint Research Centre on Transport Sustainability and Resilience, the project will build institutional capacity and experience through the exchange of researchers in partner organisations.

The first stage in the project will be the development of a series of future transport scenarios at the city region level that address the links between city development and transport to 2050, and then to examine the issues of resilience that will need to be addressed. The resilience issues will include climate change, resource scarcity (and higher prices), and issues relating to financing more resilient infrastructure. These scenarios will be expert led, and involving stakeholder discussion, so that key decision makers will be involved in the discussions over the alternative futures, as well as debating the opportunities and threats created by these potential external disruptions.

The output from this dialogue will be a set of different pathways that could be followed in the two case study cities (Manila and London), matching the transport needs of cities in terms of providing mobility for the future population, whilst at the same time addressing the issues of resilience of travel behaviours.

Further Information

For more information and output from this research project, please contact Dr Tim Schwanen.