Visioning and Backcasting for Transport in London

This project develops low carbon transport mitigation pathways for London, including a transport and CO2 simulation model (TC-SIM) of the city. The work employs scenario building and backcasting approaches (see the VIBAT project website for more information).

Within TC-SIM stakeholders can adopt different role playing positions to see what combinations of policy packages can be made and whether targets can (or cannot) be met. Current work is developing evaluation methods that use different expert determined weighting systems to allocate priorities (via the D.Phil. research of Sharad Saxena).

Further studies work has been carried out at the national (UK), county (Oxfordshire), city (Delhi, Victoria, Swindon, and Auckland) levels. Multi-modal modelling and appraisal is used in many of the studies, as well as quantification of impacts against policy interventions and packages. The emerging work develops multi-criteria, weighted appraisal of low carbon transport pathways against wider sustainability criteria (economic, social, environmental and implementability).


Further Information

For more information and output from this research project, please see the VIBAT project website or contact Dr Robin Hickman.