Our current research comprises four main themes with multiple projects linked to these:

Energy & Environment
Logo: Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand

Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand

CIED investigates the drivers and barriers to low energy innovations throughout the economy and the implications of these innovations for energy demand. The TSU collaborates in this Research Centre on End Use Energy Demand which is funded by the RCUK Energy Programme.

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Culture & Society

Designing and Policy Implementation for Encouraging Cycling and Walking Trips (DEPICT)

Walking and cycling are the most sustainable modes of transport in cities and should be placed at the heart of a transition towards low-carbon urban mobility systems. As part of the DePICT project, the TSU will investigate community-led infrastructure initiatives, aimed at increasing the attractiveness of walking and cycling in London.

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Governance & Public Policy
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Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport

Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport is a 2-year collaborative project which aims to enhance the research capabilities involved in future city transport planning, in both London and Manila, utilising the latest scientific research in practice.

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Health & Wellbeing
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Physical Activity through Sustainable Transport Approaches

The EU-funded PASTA project aims to connect transport and health research and practice by promoting active mobility in cities (walking and cycling in combination with public transport) as an innovative way of integrating physical activity into our everyday lives.

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Short-course Programme

Participants on a recent course

We run Oxford University's innovative short-course programme Global Challenges in Transport that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in sustainable transport. Sessions are led by distinguished experts and use a combination of lectures, discussions and practical workshops for early career and senior professionals.

Next course: New Technologies and Changing Behaviours (14-17 Mar 2017)

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Graduate Research

Copenhagen cyclist. © Yannick Cornet

The TSU hosts a number of postgraduate doctoral students who are working with our academic staff and researchers on a diverse set of projects linked to our research themes.

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