Tram system as part of winning entry in this year's Wolfson Economics Prize

Tram system as part of winning entry in this year's Wolfson Economics Prize

Dr Fiona Ferbrache was part of a team of transport advisors who contributed to the winning proposal for the 2014 Wolfson Economics Prize…

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Participants on the recent Governance, Policy and Local Delivery course (24-27 June 2014)

Links between the transport profession and academic transport studies

The Transport Studies Unit's Oxford Leadership Programme: "Global Challenges in Transport" was launched in March 2013. Over the past 18 months the TSU have welcomed over 95 participants from 21 different countries and heard from over 50 speakers …

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Dr Karen Anderton

Who we are

Dr Karen Anderton is a Research Fellow in Low Carbon Policy and Governance at the Transport Studies Unit …

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Our Research

The TSU takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of transport futures, drawing on relevant, state-of-the art developments in geography, environmental and transport studies, economics, sociology, psychology and the engineering sciences. We also draw on the full spectrum of available methods and underpinning philosophies for our research. For information on our current and future research, please see our Research Agenda.

The research conducted at the TSU addresses transport from different thematic and methodological perspectives. We have four broad research themes:

Our current research projects include: