TSU Seminar Series - Hilary Term 2022


The TSU Seminar Series for 2022 was around the theme of "Change and Normality in Transport" and ran from January to May. They are available to watch below.

For more information about the seminar series, please contact Kirsty Ray

Seminar 1: Business travel a new normal?

10:30am, Thursday 23 February 2022 | Online
  • Professor Susanne Becken (Griffith University) and Professor James Faulconbridge (Lancaster University)
  • Chair: Dr Debbie Hopkins

Our speakers discuss business travel and how the impact of COVID 19 has created new practices and trends. They also look at the reasons behind these trends and explore what future meetings look like.

Seminar 2: Levelling Up and the Role of HS2

12:30pm, Thursday 3 March 2022 | Online
  • Professor Clive Roberts (University of Birmingham) and Richard Walker (University of Leeds)
  • Chair: Dr Hannah Budnitz

Our speakers discuss the role of railways in general and HSR specifically, in the ‘Levelling Up’ agenda; railways’ contribution to addressing social and regional inequalities and HS2’s relevant impacts; the future prospects of HS2; benefits that will be brought to Birmingham and other cities connected by the HS2 network; implications for Leeds and the North considering the latest governmental plans to cancel the HS2 Link to Leeds; potential alternatives for the North; and finally, a reflection on risks imposed by Covid-19 on railway travelling patterns, rail industry, and future projects.

Seminar 3: Transport Infrastructure Development and Chinese Geopolitics

10:30am, Thursday 28 April 2022 | Online
  • Prof Jinghan Zeng, University of Lancaster and Dr Weiqiang Lin, National University of Singapore

This seminar discussed the transport infrastructure development and Chinese geopolitics. It particularly looked into the geopolitical implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Aerial Silk Roads with the construction of international airports in China.

Seminar 4: Increasing Funding for Climate Change Adaptation: Implications for Transport

12:30pm, Thursday 12 May 2022 | Online
  • Prof Aromar Revi (Indian Institute for Human Settlements) and Dr Sarah Colenbrander (ODI)

This seminar will explore if and in what ways the pledged increase in funding for adaptation coming out of COP26 may lead to a change in how transport systems are used, designed and planned: Will we see more adaptable and resilient transport infrastructures that also benefit those hit the hardest? Will this money help shift towards more equitable transport systems, or will it emphasise existing injustices? What does this mean in terms of the way different areas of the world deal with the changing climate in the short and medium term?