Over 50 years of transport studies at the University of Oxford

Thinking differently about transport

Electric vehicles. Autonomous cars. E-scooters. New technological developments or big infrastructure projects are often sold as the silver bullet solution to our problems – whether those are carbon emissions and climate change; mobility for those who are elderly or disabled; or the need to increase access to housing, jobs and trade.
The TSU, however, believes that the answers to global challenges in transport lie not only with vehicles and technology, but also with people. 

Transport – the flow of information, goods and humans – is central to our society and affects each and every one of us. 
Transport is about getting the things done that you need to do, in your everyday life. It can be a cause of friction, stress and damage, but also brings social opportunity, access and wellbeing.

Our research

Transport has the power to transform lives for better and for worse.

From injustices to impracticalities, TSU research can often uncover the unforeseen consequences of transport innovation, investment and policy. By advancing understandings of the systems, processes and practices that shape the way we move, the TSU hopes to inspire and inform change towards a more sustainable, just and accessible transport system.

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