While governments across the globe implemented strict lockdowns at the outset of COVID-19, these were unrealistic measures for individuals who could not work from home or survive on insufficient and often untimely cash transfers. New research by TSU's Shiv Yucel explores how these inequalities relate to the effectiveness of lockdowns to slow the spread of disease. Mobility inequalities compound the exposure risks to vulnerable individuals who already face greater risks of hospitalizations and death due to low healthcare access and greater rates of co-morbidities.

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Across the United Kingdom, thousands of people, most of whom are older, isolated and/or have a disability, rely on community transport to make essential trips. These not-for-profit and primarily volunteer-run schemes help those with few other options get to health appointments, to go grocery shopping, or to meet with friends - all the while building community. A new policy briefing from the Transport Studies Unit explores this under-studied transport sector, focusing on what services it offers, why it exists, and the challenges it faces.

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The University of Oxford's Transport Studies Unit (TSU) has today published its Annual Report 2022, reflecting on the projects undertaken and milestones reached in the past year.

TSU Annual Report 2022