Public Seminar Series

Every year we organise a public seminar series and invite a number of guest speakers. Please check under current events for the latest information. Presentations and audio files for a selection of past seminars are also available below.

Current Events

Please also see our listings on the Oxford Talks website for more information about our events. Information on past events hosted by the School may be available on request, please contact our Events Officer

Past Events

Image: UnsplashTSU Seminar Series 2024, February 2024

Speakers included Pete Dyson (University of Bath); Dr Valentina Montoya Robledo (TSU, Oxford); Dr Romit Chowdhury (Erasmus University College) and Prof Carlos Moreno (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne). Videos are available.

Image: heychli / Adobe StockTSU Seminar Series 2023, March - May 2023

Speakers included Professor Paola Jiron (University of Chile); Dr Lucy Baker (Aberystwyth University); Professor Milena Büchs (University of Leeds) and Dr Jacob Doherty (University of Edinburgh). Videos are available.

Image: heychli / Adobe StockTSU Seminar Series 2022, January - May 2022

The TSU Seminar Series for 2022 was around the theme of "Change and Normality in Transport" and ran from January to May 2022. Speakers included: Professor Susanne Becken (Griffith University); Professor James Faulconbridge (Lancaster University); Professor Clive Roberts (University of Birmingham) and Richard Walker (University of Leeds). Videos are available.

Park and Charge OxfordshireResidential Electric Vehicle Charging for Everyone, 10th February 2022

Insight from Oxford researchers as they unveil new policy briefs and discuss how to make electric vehicle charging more accessible. Videos are available.

Image: Alexey Stiop / AdobeStockTSU Seminar Series 2021, January - May 2021

The TSU seminar series for 2021 covered a range of topics and ran through Hilary Term (January - March) 2021. Speakers included Professor Jillian Anable (Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds), Dr James Esson (University of Loughborough), Dr Anna Nikolaeva (University of Amsterdam), Dr Amy Lubitow (Portland State University) and Dr David Bissell (University of Melbourne). Videos are available.

TSU Seminar Series 2020, January - May 2020

The 2020 series was on the theme of 'Critical Perspectives on Transport and Mobility', with speakers including Professor Iain Docherty (University of Stirling), Professor Jon Shaw (University of Plymouth), Dr Tina Harris (University of Amsterdam), Dr Saskia Warren (Manchester Urban Institute, University of Manchester) and Dr David Tyfield (Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University). Videos are available.