Our current research comprises four main themes with multiple projects linked to these:

Energy, Climate and Environment

Energy, Climate & Environment

Work in this research theme is concerned with reduced energy consumption, behavioural change and socio-technical transitions towards low-carbon, energy efficient transport systems.

Politics, Power and Governance

Politics, Power & Governance

Work in this research theme is concerned with planning, policy and governance with regard to transport.

Everyday Life and Justice

Everyday Life & Justice

People's movements through time and space and the social consequences of their mobility and immobility is a key feature of this research theme.

Health and Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

The contribution of active travel to public health and sustainable urban development, and the relationships between transport and wellbeing are key concerns within this theme.

Short-course Programme

Participants on a recent course

We run Oxford University's innovative short-course programme Global Challenges in Transport that brings together researchers and practitioners interested in sustainable transport. Sessions are led by distinguished experts and use a combination of lectures, discussions and practical workshops for early career and senior professionals.

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Graduate Research

Copenhagen cyclist. © Yannick Cornet

The TSU hosts a number of postgraduate doctoral students who are working with our academic staff and researchers on a diverse set of projects linked to our research themes.

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