Cycles lent to medical staff March 2020

As the COVID-19 epidemic reached Colombia and the possibility of a national lockdown was being proposed, Dr Juan Pablo Orjuela took part in a hackathon organised by NUMO, in alliance with Despacio and Datasketch. The main aim was to analyse available data on COVID-19 and Bogota's mobility systems to contribute to solutions aimed at improving transport during the pandemic. It took place between Thursday 19th March and Monday 23rd March and was publicized through social media.

Juan Pablo represented the TSU by being part of the evaluating committee and by giving one of the guiding webinars raising awareness about a holistic approach to health and transport and the need for both short and long term solutions. In the end, six teams took part in the exercise. First place winners were awarded $950 USD for their proposal of a digital platform to optimize the public transport system (BRT and complementary buses) by adapting the existing routes to the new virus conditions. Second place winners were not only awarded $250 USD, but their proposal of a system to lend cycles to medical staff in health centres of greater demand was picked up by the Mayor's office and is currently being implemented.

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