Dr Anna Plyushteva
  • Researcher and Executive Education Programme Coordinator


Anna is a qualitative transport geographer working on the Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport project, and is also the Programme Coordinator of the Global Challenges in Transport series of short courses, part of the Oxford Leadership Programme. Until recently, she was a PhD student at the UCL Department of Geography (2011-2016), where she also taught on a number of undergraduate programmes and worked as Research Assistant at the UCL Transport Institute (2014-2015). Anna has also worked as Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Human Geography, Planning and International Development, University of Amsterdam (2012).


Anna researches everyday mobility in Manila and London as part of the Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport project. More broadly, her research interests are focused on travel habits and how they change, everyday life in cities, and socio-material perspectives on transport infrastructure. Anna recently completed her thesis, entitled 'Commuting with new transport infrastructure: Change, cost and comfort on the Sofia metro extension.' It examined the role of the second line of the metro in Sofia, Bulgaria, in changing practices of everyday travel in the city.


Anna is Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, with experience of pre-undergraduate, undergraduate and graduate teaching from UCL Geography, UCL Science and Technology Studies, UCL Centre for Languages & International Education, and the University of Amsterdam.


Anna has previously written for The Conversation, worked as an assistant at the UCL Science and Technology Festival (SPARK 2015), and contributed to a collaborative public art project funded by Sofia Municipality and centred around the Sofia metro (2012).


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

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