Dr Ersilia Verlinghieri
  • Research Associate in Urban Mobility


Ersilia is a researcher working on the Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport project, and is also the Programme Coordinator of the Global Challenges in Transport series of short courses, part of the Oxford Leadership Programme. Until recently, she was a PhD student at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds (2012-2016), where she also taught on a number of undergraduate programmes and worked as a Research Assistant.

Current Research

Ersilia researches resilience and resourcefulness in urban transport and individuals' everyday mobilities in the context of the 'Sustainable Cities and Resilient Transport' project. More broadly, her research interests are focused on how transport disadvantaged mobilise capabilities and resources to deal with the mobility crises, building resourcefulness. Ersilia recently completed her PhD thesis, entitled Planning for resourcefulness: exploring new frontiers for participatory transport planning theory and practice in Rio de Janeiro and L'Aquila. The thesis explored new frontiers for transport planning, critically approaching the idea of resourcefulness as property and a worldview that, with a specific focus on participatory practices, aimed to complement sustainability and resilience and tackling the current social and environmental crises. It has done so critically analysing the practices and vision of two grassroots actors working towards improving transport planning processes in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and L'Aquila.


Ersilia is Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has been awarded with merit with the University of Leeds Teaching Award. She has experience of undergraduate and graduate teaching from Leeds University Business School and Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

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