Dr Hannah Budnitz
  • Research Associate in Urban Mobility


Hannah Budnitz joined TSU in October 2019 to join the Park and Charge project.

She completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham, where she was researching the relationship between travel choices, internet accessibility and extreme weather, and the opportunities that trends in improving ICT and increasing space-time flexibility of work and travel offer for more resilient responses to transport disruption. Prior to starting her doctoral studies, Hannah worked as a transport planner in the UK for first Arup, then Reading Borough Council. She also holds a BA in Urban Studies from Columbia University and an MSc in City and Regional Planning from Cardiff University.

Current Research

Hannah's research is focused on the transition to electric mobility in the UK from the social, behavioural and policy perspectives.

As part of the Park and Charge project, Hannah is researching the barriers to electric vehicle adoption, particularly where at-home charging is not achievable due to residential parking layouts and urban form, and investigating the acceptability of a combined parking and charging service as a solution in Oxfordshire.

As part of the ITEM project, Hannah is researching the processes and policies that enable the transition to electric mobility in Bristol and whether they are also fair, equitable, and inclusive. By comparing Bristol with three other medium-sized cities across Europe at different stages in the transition, multiple aspects of social justice are assessed using a multi-perspective and mixed methods approach.

Hannah is also interested in delivering innovative transport schemes through public-private-academic partnerships such as that formed for the Park and Charge project, and continues to explore the links between telecommunications technology and use and its potential to offer sustainable and resilient accessibility.


Hannah tweets (@HBudnitz) and writes a monthly blog and sometimes for professional publications, such as The Planner and transportXtra. She was Chair of the Transport Planning Network (2016-2020), supported by the Royal Town Planning Institute and the Transport Planning Society, and regularly presents at professional conferences.


Journal Articles

Book Chapters


  • Hampton, S., Knight, L., Scott, H., Budnitz, H., Killip, G., Wheeler, S., Smith, A., Eyre, N. (2021) Pathways to a zero carbon Oxfordshire. Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford

Selected Conference Presentations

  • Hampton, S., Killip, G., Smith, A., Eyre, N., Knight, L., Scott, H., Budnitz, H. and Wheeler, S. (2021) Pathways to a zero carbon Oxfordshire. Proceedings of ECEEE Summer Study (online), 7 - 11 June 2021. paper 5-096-21.
  • Budnitz, H. (2018) ‘Exploring the influence of weather on the choice not to travel'. UTSG [Universities' Transport Study Group] 50th Annual Conference, University College London, 3-5 January 2018. (Came joint second in Smeed Prize).
  • Budnitz, H, Chapman, L, Tranos, E. (2019) ‘Telecommuting and Other Trips: the Accessibility of Amenities'. 15th International NECTAR conference, Helsinki, Finland, 5-7 June 2019.
  • Budnitz, H, Chapman, L, Tranos, E. (2019) ‘Responding to Stormy Weather: Choosing which Journeys to Make'. UTSG, University of Leeds, 8-10 July 2019.
  • Budnitz, H. (2019) ‘Travel Behaviour, Technology, and Weather Resilience… a study in quantitative geography'. RGS-IGB Annual International Conference, London, 28 August, 2019. (Won joint best paper at Future of Quantitative Geography session for PhD and early career researchers.)