Dr Jennie Middleton
  • Senior Research Fellow in Mobilities and Human Geography
  • Senior Research Fellow at Kellogg College, Oxford


Jennie Middleton joined the Transport Studies Unit as a Senior Research Fellow in December 2013. Prior to this she was a Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Kingston University. Jennie holds a BA (Hons) in Geography (University of Wales) and an MSc in Human Geography Research (London School of Economics). Following the completion of her PhD at King's College London (2007), Jennie was awarded an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at Royal Holloway, University of London (2007 - 2008). She has also held research and lecturing posts at Cardiff University and the University of Plymouth, and was a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Western Sydney. Jennie's work to date has been funded by the British Academy, ESRC, John Fell Fund, and the Wellcome Trust.

Current Research

Whilst having a background in urban, social and cultural geography Jennie's research strongly relates to the field of mobilities and transport research. These ongoing research interests relate to three overlapping concerns:

1. Geographies of mobilities

Notions of everyday practice, habit and routine are central to Jennie's interests in the geographies of mobilities. She is concerned with the relationship between the multiple dimensions of people's day-to-day coordination activities and the complexity of moving into, and through, the city. To date this has involved exploring the geographies of urban pedestrian movement. This work on urban walking is concerned with how to theoretically and empirically engage with the interrelatedness of time, space and rhythm. Jennie is particularly interested in people's spatio-temporal mobile experiences and the implications of this for urban and transport policy. She has been involved in ongoing projects, including conferences and workshops, seeking to develop an increased dialogue between mobilities and transport scholars.

2. Everyday life in the city

Jennie has become increasingly interested in how people negotiate cities on a daily basis in the context of theoretical perspectives on everyday life and social practices. She holds a John Fell Fund grant, in collaboration with the Royal London Society for the Blind, which explores the relationship between urban transport and the everyday lives of visually impaired young people in London. Jennie has also recently been awarded a grant from the Wellcome Trust on urban austerity, care and new parenting practices. In building new interdisciplinary research at the intersection of human geography and social psychology, the project will make fundamental contributions to advancing understandings of the physical and mental well-being of new parents whilst providing new understandings of care in relation to contemporary urban socio-economic and political landscapes.

3. Urban encounters

A key focus of Jennie's research is understandings of urban sociability and different forms of urban encounters. These concerns have been explored in both her work on urban walking detailed above and through a British Academy funded project (with Richard Yarwood, University of Plymouth) on Street Pastors in relation to their role as Christian volunteers who patrol urban places at night to provide practical support and care for users and providers of the night-time economy. These projects are key in the development of ongoing work that seeks to critically engage with a growing interest across the social sciences with mobile methodologies.


Jennie is course director for the TSU's short course Oxford Leadership Programme: Global Challenges in Transport and module leader for the MSc in Sustainable Urban Development on the transport and sustainability module. Jennie also teaches on the Final Honour School special option 'Transport and Mobilities' in the School of Geography and Environment.



  • Middleton, J. (forthcoming) The Walkable City: the dimensions of walking and overlapping walks of life. Abingdon: Routledge.

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