Image: Stefanie / AdobeStock

Image: Stefanie / AdobeStock

Gendered commuting in Accra, Ghana


The impacts of commuting on employment and well-being of different social groups in African cities are understudied. This pilot project addresses the gender dimensions and implications of congestion and mobility in Accra, Ghana - a rapidly growing city with inadequate provision of housing and transport infrastructure amidst limited employment opportunities. It will deploy a survey of 500 commuters and focus groups and use the resulting data to explore the impact of commuting on labour market activities, health and well-being given prevailing socio-cultural gender norms. The project will deliver proof-of-concept for the methodology, build capacity for a large grant application, and generate three journal articles.

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2019 - 2020


John Fell Fund


Professor Patricia Daley

Principal Investigator

Professor Tim Schwanen


Professor Tim Schwanen