TSU Seminar Series - Hilary Term 2021


The TSU seminar series for 2021 covered a range of topics and ran through Hilary Term (January - March) 2021. They are available to watch below.

For more information about the seminar series, please contact Kirsty Ray

Seminar 1: You can't always get what you want: a reflection on Climate Assembly UK's deliberations on decarbonising passenger transport

1pm, Thursday 28 January 2021 | Online
  • Professor Jillian Anable (Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds)
  • Chair: Professor Tim Schwanen

Seminar 2: Livelihoods in motion: age-related mobility, transport and livelihoods in the urban Global South

1pm, Thursday 11 February 2021 | Online
  • Dr James Esson (University of Loughborough)
  • Chair: Dr Jennie Middleton

Seminar 3: Commoning mobility (Cancelled)

1pm, Thursday 18 February 2021 | Online - This seminar was cancelled.
  • Dr Anna Nikolaeva (University of Amsterdam)
  • Chair: Dr Lucy Baker

Seminar 4: Transportation and Mobility Justice: Race, Class and Gender Intersections in the United States

4pm, Thursday 25 February 2021 | Online
  • Dr Amy Lubitow (Portland State University)
  • Chair: Paola Castaneda

Seminar 5: Losing investments in mobility transitions: reckoning with loss in the wake of on-demand

12pm, Thursday 11 March 2021 | Online
  • Dr David Bissell (University of Melbourne)
  • Chair: Dr Anna Plyushteva