Public Seminar Series

Every year we organise a public seminar series which is usually focused on a specific transport-related theme. Please check under current events for the latest information. Presentations and audio files for a selection of past seminars are also available below.

Current Events

Please also see our listings on the Oxford Talks website for more information about our events. Information on past events hosted by the School may be available on request, please contact our

Past Events

Hilary Term 2022 Seminars. Image: heychli / Adobe Stock January - May 2022

TSU Seminar Series

The TSU Seminar Series for 2022 was around the theme of "Change and Normality in Transport" and ran from January to May 2022. Speakers included: Professor Susanne Becken (Griffith University); Professor James Faulconbridge (Lancaster University); Professor Clive Roberts (University of Birmingham) and Richard Walker (University of Leeds). Videos are available.

Park and Charge 10th February 2022

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging for Everyone

Insight from Oxford researchers as they unveil new policy briefs and discuss how to make electric vehicle charging more accessible.

Q&A session
Hilary Term 2021 Seminars. Image: Alexey Stiop / Adobe Stock Hilary Term 2021, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2021

The TSU seminar series for 2021 covered a range of topics and ran through Hilary Term (January - March) 2021. Speakers included Professor Jillian Anable (Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds), Dr James Esson (University of Loughborough), Dr Anna Nikolaeva (University of Amsterdam), Dr Amy Lubitow (Portland State University) and Dr David Bissell (University of Melbourne). Videos are available.

Hilary Term 2020 Seminars Hilary Term 2020, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2020

This series was on the theme of 'Critical Perspectives on Transport and Mobility', with speakers including Professor Iain Docherty (University of Stirling), Professor Jon Shaw (University of Plymouth), Dr Tina Harris (University of Amsterdam), Dr Saskia Warren (Manchester Urban Institute, University of Manchester) and Dr David Tyfield (Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University). Videos are available.

Hilary Term 2020 Seminars Hilary Term 2019, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2019

With speakers including; Professor David Banister (Emeritus Professor of Transport Studies, University of Oxford); Dr Matteo Rizzo (Development Studies, SOAS University of London); Professor Monika B├╝scher (Centre for Mobilities Research, Lancaster University); and Dr Lesley Murray (School of Applied Social Science, University of Brighton). Videos are available.

Mobility and Social Justice Hilary Term 2018, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2018: Mobility and Social Justice

Today, our growing global inequality is often underwritten by unequal mobilities. Groups marked by gender, race, class, location or disability often encounter significant barriers to mobility, whether in carrying out everyday routines, accessing key resources, or connecting with others. Meanwhile, as technology, infrastructures and political landscapes continue to change, we are faced both with new means of mobility and new forms of exclusion and immobility. Faced with such transformations, scholars working on transport, and within geography more generally, have called for a closer dialogue between work on transport and mobility justice and work concerned with broader questions of social justice. Podcasts are available.

Carey Curtis 25 May 2017, SoGE, Oxford

Accessibility Tools in Planning Practice

There are many spatial accessibility tools developed yet few are successfully employed in planning practice. Professor Carey Curtis demonstrated how the SNAMUTS tool (Spatial Network Analysis for Multimodal Urban Transport Systems) has succeeded in creating the right conditions for both town planners and transport planners to discuss potential urban futures framed around a greater role for public transport.

AAG logo 5-9 April 2017

Association of American Geographers annual conference 2017

Several members of TSU will be attending the Association of American Geographers annual conference in Boston.

Transport and Mobilities across the life course poster image Hilary Term 2017, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series, Hilary Term 2017: Transport and Mobilities Across the Life Course

A life course approach sheds light on how people's lives, structural contexts, and social change can result in new or different mobility practices. Drawing from a range of disciplines, life course research points to the importance of particular life course events as 'triggers' and 'constraints' for different types of mobility. This approach offers important insights as socio-demographic changes (e.g. ageing population), environmental concerns (e.g. climate change and air pollution) and equity issues challenge us to rethink the current systems of transportation. This seminar series explored the insights that can be gained from a life course approach in order to better understand current and future mobility needs, and opportunities to move towards low carbon, and equitable systems of mobility. Podcasts are avaialble.

Image: Jianping Wu 30 January 2017, SoGE, Oxford

Green and Smart Transport

On Monday 30 January Professor Jianping Wu visited the TSU for meetings and to give a lunchtime seminar at the School of Geography and the Environment. Professor Wu is the Director of Future Transport Research Centre of Tsinghua-Cambridge-MIT at Tsinghua University in Beijing. In his seminar he gave an overview of the research conducted at the Tsinghua University's Future Transport Research Centre. He introduced their work on urban traffic emission pollution control through on-line traffic management strategy and on the recognition of different car driving styles using big data technologies. He also spoke about the future of urban traffic control and the development of a simulation system for autonomous driving.

Image: 'Neat and Tidy' (Car, bike, and pedestrian lanes) by Steven-L-Johnson [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons May - June 2016, EW Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Lunchtime Seminar Series - Trinity Term 2016

Seminars will be delivered on Wednesdays in weeks 4 - 8 of Trinity Term. Speakers include Eric Chan (TSU), Torben Holvad (TSU, DTU and European Railway Agency), Denver Nixon (TSU), Fiona Ferbrache (TSU, Keble College, and Oxford Brookes University) and Malek Al-Chalabi.

Urban Mobilities in the Smart CityJanuary-March 2016, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series: Urban Mobilities in the Smart City

This seminar series will gather together a range of world-leading academics and urban policy practitioners to debate some of the key issues raised by smart cities for urban transport and mobility futures. All seminars 4-6 pm alternate Tuesdays during Hilary Term.

Pedalling Innovation: Oxford's first cycling hackathon5-6 February 2016, The Story Museum, Oxford

Pedalling Innovation: Oxford's first cycling hackathon

Cycling in this city could be a better experience for all. We want to be part of a process of improving it - but we need to understand the current experience and challenges more fully. For that we need 'data' and we need your help. Join us for this innovative cycling hackathon, bringing people together to develop ideas to monitor and improve cycling for all in Oxford and beyond.

Urban morphology and climate change7 October 2015, E W Gilbert Room, SoGE, Oxford

Urban morphology and climate change: Isobenefit Urbanism evolutions for future human habitats

Luca D'Acci, coordinator of Urban Environment and Climate Change at IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam, shows his thoughts about future human habitats.

Book Launch - 'Urban Transport Without the Hot Air' by Steve Melia25 June 2015, J Gottmann Room, SoGE, Oxford

Book Launch - 'Urban Transport Without the Hot Air' by Steve Melia

Everyone is a transport user, and most of us live in towns or cities, but how much of what we take for granted about transport is true? Join author Steve Melia as he launches his new book, followed by a wine reception and book signing.

Prof Robert Cervero22 June 2015, A J Herbertson Room, SoGE, Oxford

Mass Transit Needs Mass: Urban Density Thresholds for Cost-Effective Fixed-Guideway Investments

Professor Robert Cervero is the Friesen Chair of Urban Studies and incoming Chair of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, where he also directs the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC).

Roadworks on the Plain, Oxford. © Cyclox.14 May 2015, St Michael's at the Northgate, Oxford

A Copenhagener's view of The Plain Cycling Project

Yannick Cornet and Tim Schwannen from the TSU have conducted a series of interviews with cyclists using the Plain and they discussed their findings on The Plain project as well as the message for cycling advocacy.

TSU Hilary Term 2015 SeminarsJanuary - March 2015, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series: Scalar Politics of Transport

Seminars were held from 4-6 pm on alternate Tuesdays during Hilary Term from the 20th of January.

Future Automobility2 June 2014, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor

Future Automobility: Does the car have a sustainable and ethical future?

The colloquium is collaboratively organised through TSU, Aberdeen, Manchester and Leeds Universities.

TSU Hilary Term 2014 SeminarsJanuary - March 2014, SoGE, Oxford

TSU Seminar Series: Transport Controversies

Seminars were held from 4-6 pm on alternate Tuesdays during Hilary Term from the 21st of January.