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Modelling flexibility of transport-energy systems over time, mode & place (CREDS Project 2.2.2)


UK fleet models account poorly for potential for flexibility and the spatial and temporal differences. National scale energy models and local-level distribution network models need to ‘meet in the middle’ to understand how changes in demand and generation in the distribution network will impact the transmission network and vice versa. General Distribution and Electricity Transmission Network models need better assessments of where and when high-end domestic and electric vehicle use will combine.


  • Improve UK modelling capability in assessing future transport and electricity systemic change
  • Develop existing state-of-the-art UK fleet models with better assessments of the potential for technology substitution, modal shift and demand flexibility
  • Assess how electricity infrastructures (local substations, line-loads) may evolve with domestic energy and EV hotspots and rhythms of charging


The project will improve the UK’s modelling capability in bringing transport, energy and electricity modelling communities together. Decision makers in central and local government and industry will have a better understanding and improved modelling capability of the impacts of the electrification of road transport at LSOA level (~500 households), providing direct inputs into current and future policy processes. Transmission network operators will have a better understanding of the potential impact of EV charging at grid supply points. The LSOA-level agent-based model will enable a range of further impact studies of EVs.

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2019 - 2023




Prof Jillian Anable (Leeds), Dr Zia Wadud (Leeds), Dr Ben Potter (Reading), Phil Coker (Reading), 3 PDRFs (Oxford, Leeds, Reading)

TSU Principal Investigator

Dr Christian Brand


Dr Christian Brand

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