Image: Anna Plyushteva

Image: Anna Plyushteva

Not Working From Home: Key workers' daily lives and mobilities during the Covid-19 pandemic


This is a public engagement project centred around a virtual exhibition (available at which documents the everyday lives and everyday mobilities of key workers who have not been able to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The project originated from a concern that public debate around the Covid-19 pandemic has focused disproportionately on working from home and a world 'on pause'. The exhibition aims to foster discussion, reflection and appreciation of essential work, but also to influence the political decisions which affect key workers' lives and mobilities in times of crisis. The exhibition is a space for people who have continued to commute to a workplace; as part of it, they can present their own perspectives on daily life during the pandemic, using text, audio, video and photography to document their experiences.

The exhibition forms part of on-going work to develop theoretical perspectives and policy recommendations on public transport provision and essential mobilities during major crises and disruptions.

Further Information

For more information on this research project please contact Dr Anna Plyushteva.

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January - August 2021


University of Oxford Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund

Principal Investigator

Dr Anna Plyushteva


Dr Anna Plyushteva