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Current transport systems, with associated emissions and lifestyle choices, have widespread adverse impacts on public health and wellbeing. Inactivity, emissions and accidents all are a growing source of public concern. Research in this theme examines the complex causal relationships among different forms of mobility, health, and wellbeing.

Research objectives

  • Examine how transport contributes to the wellbeing of individuals and communities;
  • Develop and apply methods to evaluate the health impacts of transport use and transport-related policy;
  • Understand how people whose abilities do not always conform to societal norms accomplish and experience movement around the city;
  • Understand the processes of behaviour change in active travel and public health in order to refine theory and inform practice.

Current Research Projects

Oxford COVID-19 Impact Monitor

Oxford COVID-19 Impact Monitor

2020; Dr Won Do Lee and Prof Tim Schwanen

Prof Tim Schwanen Dr Won Do Lee
Medellin, Colombia

Access to healthy living for women in low-income households in peripheral neighbourhoods in the Medellin metropolitan area, Colombia

Funded by PEAK-programme funded by GCRF; 2019 - 2020; Local universities (EAFIT, Universidad Nacional); Local governmental officials (Itagüí Mayor's office, Environmental authorities in the metropolitan area and in Colombia); Dimú (group of 37 women in Itagüí); Dr Juan Pablo Orjuela Prof Tim Schwanen

Prof Tim Schwanen Dr Juan Pablo Orjuela
View over Accra, Ghana. Image: Stefanie / Adobe Stock

Gendered commuting in Accra, Ghana

Funded by John Fell Fund; 2019 - 2020; Prof Tim Schwanen

Prof Tim Schwanen

Global and Local Health Impact Assessment of Transport (GLASST): methods for prioritising model development

Funded by EU Horizon 2020; 2019 - 2024; Dr Christian Brand

Christian Brand
PEAK Urban

PEAK Urban

Funded by the UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund; 2017-2022; University of Oxford with Peking University; The African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town; The Indian Institute for Human Settlements; Universidad EAFIT; Prof Tim Schwanen, Dr Lucy Baker, Dr Jacob Doherty and Dr Juan-Pablo Orjuela

Lucy BakerTim SchwanenJuan-Pablo OrjuelaJacob Doherty

Recent Research Projects

DEsigning and Policy Implementation for encouraging Cycling and walking Trips (DEPICT)

DEsigning and Policy Implementation for encouraging Cycling and walking Trips (DEPICT)

Funded by the ESRC; 2015-2018; University of Oxford with Utrecht University and University of São Paulo; Prof Tim Schwanen and Dr Denver Nixon

Tim SchwanenDenver Nixon
Everyday Mobilities of Visually Impaired Young People

Everyday Mobilities of Visually Impaired Young People

Funded by the John Fell Fund, University of Oxford; 2014-2018; Dr Jennie Middleton

Jennie Middleton